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About A-S-C-L

Jens Leistner founded A-S-C-L and launched the initial product in early 2002 in Swiss canton Zurich. Our locations: Kreuzlingen - St. Gallen - Zurich Airport - Romanshorn.

 A-S-C-L is building one of the first mobile tax companys the people love to use today. A-S-C-L is part of IFA - the world`s independent fiscal network! Our Consultants are high level representatives with experiences in  the private and the public sector, including  universities and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Your Contact Person

 Jens Leistner

Legal Counsel, registered at the regional court Freiburg

Tax Adviser CH

MBA Finance - APU Cambridge UK

Registered in the Commercial Register Switzerland and in the Legal Services Register at the District Court Freiburg Germany as legal advisor for Swiss tax law.

Our practice areas: digital.personal

- Cross-border-tax advice swiss-german
- Tax advice in challenging situations
- Relocation to Switzerland or Germany
- International mobility for individuals and families
- Tax declarations, digital tax, salary taxes, pensions
- Cross-border disputes involving tax officials

- In disputes with tax background
- Tax evasion and tax proceedings
- Administrative and legal assistance procedures
- Tax questions, analyses and assessments
- Tax compliance

- your own company


The professional activities and prices of our tax consultants are governed in Germany by Tax Consultancy Fees Ordinance (StBVV), in Switzerland by EXPERTsuisse Fee Ordinance.

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